Friday, 23 December 2011

Pigeon Big Advent Giveaway... Day 22,23 AND 24

Its a rollover!!!
Oh yes... you could win all these prizes just by answering this very simple festive question!

Do you 'Wish it Could be Christmas Every Day?'

I'll draw a winner on the 27th December so tell all your friends, tweet and retweet, and leave your comments below. Good luck and happy happy Christmas.

I'm off to make some mince pies and start on the mulled wine.


  1. It's a lovely idea but I would end up as fat as a Christmas pudding!

  2. Yes - because I'd be off work forever... No - because it would be winter forever like Narnia... It's tricky. Maybe we could just have Xmas every afternoon between 12 and 5.30? How about that?

  3. If we had Christmas every day then it wouldn't be a special once a year holiday anymore. I must go with, no on this one.

  4. Yes! Because I would roam the streets alone, pretending there had been a nuclear war, then pop home for some turkey.

  5. Yes! If there was a perpetual lovely pigeon advent giveaway and I'd get more lovely Lovely Pigeon gifts through the post. What a treat that was on Christmas eve!

  6. and the winner is... Cat Martin. Well done!! Can you email me your address please x