Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pigeon Big Advent Giveaway... Day 21

Day 21: a rather nice vintage button brooch
Question: favourite Christmas tv chef? (I'm running out of questions... can you tell?)
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  1. Nigel Slater because he's one of the few TV chefs that I'd like to come round for dinner & I wouldn't get in a panic about what I was cooking!

  2. blimey, pigeon post is an ultra speedy delivery - got the lovely button necklace today. I am wearing it now and I love it, thank you! My daughter said 'oh that's nice, where did you get that?'. She has one of your lovely hair bands and is rather fancying the brooch. SO in a very LONGWINDED way, I am to enter on her behalf and say Lorraine Pascale!

  3. Nigella everytime...she is a saucy minx! And ive never had any of her recipies turn out bad! :)

  4. Oh no too busy day yesterday! Am I too late! I have missed all the others!!!

    Im not sure who my favourite, favourite is but Ina Gatten is def up there!

  5. and the winner is... Lee Ann. Never too late!!
    Can you let me know your address please x

  6. ps Lee Ann... I have no idea who Ina Gatten is but will go and look it up!