Tuesday, 17 August 2010

HaarShop rolls in...

It started off with a grotty empty room... all we could do was drink red wine and ponder....

...we worked long into the night

...and finally it all came together!

Well we have officially popped up and business is booming! So much positive feedback, sales are surpassing my biggest predictions, the public are demanding a Christmas pop-up, we have been invited to pop up in Dundee... all is good in HaarShop land.

I couldn't have done it though without the help of so many people - Pete, Esther, Alice, John, Kate, all you lovely artists and makers, my kids (sorry you haven't seen me for weeks!). Thanks so much x


  1. Kirsty, you have done an AMAZING job, it looks fantastic!

  2. yup...Haarshop is officially excellent! Well done the Pidgeons for popping up such a magnificent shop!

  3. It looks fabulous!! I see a future in popping up. Can't wait to visit, but am now worried that there won't be anything left for me to buy??

  4. nice shop dudes... congrats!
    those little lobster things look cool... how much? how big? how quick can you send them down to the pool?
    hope the popping goes well... is that some of petes legendary 'graphic design' i see... ;)
    Nick H

  5. Oooohhh, I want to come along and spend lots of moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

    Katie Whitson
    (the Vintage Squirrel one!)

  6. I wish I wasn't a million miles away - I'd love to pop in and shop - it looks amazing - post up more piccies please!!!!

  7. We stumbled across the fest and shop by accident on holiday... it was all tremendous. If we could have fitted more in our luggage we'd have bought more - thanks for all the bubblewrapping anyway!

  8. thanks all. it has been one of my best work weeks ever...watch this space for more "pops" - although I hear in London Pop-Ups are passe and its all about the Rock-Up now!

  9. lovely shop - must get up there soon - spotted 'mr stag' by kirsty anderson in your pic - included it here! hope you don't mind the highlight!