Tuesday, 24 August 2010

and rolls outs again...

Sadly the HaarShop is now closed and back to its sad, lonely self. It has been the best work week I have ever had and we have had so much lovely feedback from everyone who visited (and spent lots of money).

Highlights of the week...
1. buying a beautiful 1960's cream wool coat from the vintage rail
2. almost selling out of Jane Smallcombe's gorgeous appliqued brooches (well done Jane!)
3. sad-eyed bears looking longingly from an old school desk (and then finding new homes)
4. getting featured in Saturday's Scotsman magazine - fame at last
5. going to the bank every morning
6. patchworking workshop on Saturday morning
7. inspector tapehead playing in the shop
8. jack magic stunning us with card tricks

and the lowlights...
1. sore feet
2. multiple hangovers
3. having to close at 6 even though the punters kept on coming
4. that final sunday feeling

Massive thanks go to everyone that has made the HaarShop what it was... and remember to watch this space as I am already hatching a new plan.

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