Friday, 16 December 2011

Pigeon Big Advent Giveaway... Day 16

Day 16: Two vintage fabric pocket mirrors (samples) and great stocking fillers.
Question: worst Christmas pressie ever?
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  1. an (ugly) shirt my motherinlaw wanted for her self ;-)So she told her son to buy it for me....!!?

  2. a pair of ugly granny style beige lacey pants from my aunty when i was 12! not nice

  3. A 750 piece jigsaw puzzle. Of snow.

    It's still in the box.

  4. and the winner is... Pippit. Can you email me your address please x
    I love a good jigsaw over the festive period but even that might be too much for me!

  5. A hand knitted pink & purple bobble hat. The wool was dayglo & part synthetic. The hat was a bit too tight & the static did strange things to my hair...I hated it even then back in the 1970s!