Tuesday, 14 September 2010

sneaky peak - new vintage cushion collection

Lovely Pigeon's adventures in vintage continue with a range of vintage tea towel cushions. Fantastic vintage prints on the front and home dyed vintage damask on the back... what more could your sad lonely sofa want.

Full collection details, photos and buying info will be brought to you on Monday 20th September.


  1. Look forward to seeing them in 'person' on Saturday : )

  2. Liking the look of those very much. Better hope I'm fast onto the computer on Monday!
    Katie x

  3. These look great! Hope to see a couple in 'real life' in a few weeks :)

  4. These are really lovely - I hopr you keep making them so that when we 'eventually' get round to renovagting our kitchen, I'll be ab;e to get one or two that suit... Mind you I love the beef one!