Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Big Tent

I have packed my bags, picnic hampers and suitcases, the bunting is made, the tea-cups are sparkling and I am off to my first festival of the year (well I will be in a couple of weeks- after a week or two of Italian sun). Lovely Pigeon will be taking flight to the Big Tent on 23rd July for a weekend of craft workshops, local food, (some) good music, good friends and perhaps a flagon or two of real ale.

I will be selling my wares and providing some crafty distractions (button and bunting workshops) for the creative and creatively-challenged alike.

Tickets are still available and I reckon the sun will shine so if you fancy it check out the Big Tent website for more info. Would be dandy to see you there! x

ps dont know what the horse is all about...

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